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Children and Adolescents

“We bought our teenage girl to see Lauretta after she had been self harming. After the first hour, Lauretta had built enough of a rapport with her to encourage her to return to see her. It took 3 sessions for our daughter to respond so well that she stopped self harming and is now doing her GCSE’s with confidence and the best of her ability. I feel indebted to this lady. Thank you.”

Adele in Kingston Upon Thames



Anxiety in children and adolescents is rising in the western world. This may be due to pressures from anxious parents, social media, more awareness of metal health and more likelihood to seek help. Whatever the reason, mental health services in the Uk are so stretched that wait times for young people seeking help is now unacceptable across the country and children are suffering.

Having worked in the children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) for many years I am well aware of the pressures for both young people, their families and psychologists working in the field of child mental health.

If mental health in the young is treated early the prognosis is very good. Effective techniques are learnt and often not forgotten into adulthood – resulting in more resiliant and happy young adults.


The treatment for children and adolescents differs to that for adults. Depending on the age of the child, the psychologist must be experienced and capable when treating young children as many skills and tools are necessary to engage younger children.

The same can be said of teenagers – many of them don’t want to engage in therapy and this can be testing for an inexperienced therapist.

I have worked with children as young as 4 as well as teenagers and young adults for over 20 years. I can assess your child within a week of contacting me and offer expert advice and information regarding the most appropriate intervention for your child.

I will also liaise with relevant professionals – with your permission, to help your child receive the most sound and comprehensive interventions from everyone involved in their care from schools to GP’s.

Contact me today for an informal no obligation chat about your child.

“Lauretta has a way with young children that I have not seen I a therapist before. After many attempts with other people, Lauretta quickly saw our anxious 5 year old and began reducing her anxiety with her, communicating and helping her school manage and helping her to be our little girl again.”

Charity in Richmond Upon Thames

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